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Hey guys 😀

 This is my very first post. And i’m so excited for it.😅 .so let me first introduce myself to you. I am Sakshi Bhardwaj . A 16 yrs old girl living in delhi who love to try new things in life. With this blog I am going to just give u my point of view on how to look different from the crowd 😎. How to make your own identity :):).

“Its a fashion and travel blog

I just hope you people will show some love 😍 and support me and yes if u have any questions or any advices please write them down in the comment box 😇

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Welcome back guys.

Todays post is a diy post on tassel. 


  • Chart paper of 2 different colors 
  • Fevicol 
  • A pair of scissors 
  • Thread
  • Ruler


Cut chart papers in 4×10 inches
Fold the cut pieces like shown in the picture
Start cutting the folded chart leaving  only 1 inch of distance from the inner side
Open the chart paper and fold it like shown in the picture

After that fold it like shown in the picture and try to make it as much messy as possible. 

Now just use a stapler or Fevicol to attach these papers to the thread
Its done!! Just hang it on the wall and fall in love😂❤️

Thats all for today. 

If you guys recreate it then do tag me on Instagram @that_messygirl. Do comment down if you liked it. 
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Instagram – that_messygirl

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Musical.ly – @thatmessygirl

What I Wore?                                

Hello my beautiful readers ❤

Firstly, I would like to thank all of you for your response to my first blog post. I hope you will appreciate my work in future as well.

So i recently went to nanital for a 3 day trip. And in this blog i will be showing you 3 looks which i made.

1. Skirt + crop top +  shoes + cross body bag

So for the first look I’m wearing this black skirt & a crop top with a blue inner . You can wear this crop top without this inner (depending on your choice).This dress is really comfortable for going on road trip as you will have to sit for a really long time and jeanse are not that comfortable you know 😛.


Skirt – Max

Top – Kamla nagar

Shoes – Adidas

2.Dungaree +sandos +shoes

For the second look I am wearing this light blue dungaree with black sandos (you can choose any colour  but u know black is always a safe colour 😂) . I wore same shoes from first look and I took a purse to complete this look. And honestly dungaree is my personal favourite ❤ .


Dungaree – C.P

Inner – C.P

Shoes – adidas 

3.Denim dress + slippers/heels

So for the third outfit i kept it quite simple as i wore a denim dress.I paired a red belt with this dress. I wore a black choker and a watch and yes I am all done. I wore slippers ( you can wear heels or simple slippers depending on you) . Honestly speaking denim dresses are real comfort.


Denim dress – kamla nagar

Belt – C.P

Choker – district centre

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Thank you for reading this blog ❤ I hope it helps you and gave you some new ideas. If you go on any road trip and wear any of these clothes then do tag me on Instagram   @that_messygirl and  with the hashtag #that_messygirl if you decide to recreate it, I would love to see it. Do subscribe to my blog by filling a little form below so that you’re the first one to be notified whenever I post something. Do leave a comment down below for any suggestions/ request. So that’s it for today, see you guys really soon.